The germs attack from all over.  With 200 people living in the same building its hard not to get sick.  Besides ones health it is even harder to stay physically fit.  With everything one needs in a 10 x 10 room there isnt much need for moving.  There are many steps out there for staying healthy and in shape while struggling through the stress of college.

 How to stay healthy within your dorm:

1. Wash your hands many times a day

2. Avoid your sick friends

3. Drink water

4. Get sleep

5.  Clean up after yourself

6.Dress properly for weather conditions

Dorm Room Exercises:

The best way to get to your room on the 10th floor would seem to be the elevator,  but the stairs couldnt hurt.  Though the space in the room is limited their are a few exercises worth trying.  Just blasting your favorite music and getting down is a great way to keep your body moving.  Of course one can always do some crunches and push ups.  Investing in some dumbbells could never hurt either.   

Below are a few videos that may help to create some ideas!

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