Who wants to be stuck with an extra fifteen pounds by the end of their freshman year?
This site is designed to keep those pounds off your waist and in the trash. Getting involved in campus life is the best way to keep the weight off and stress level down.  Healthy foods are available but hard to find without leaving the campus.  The salad bars at Fresh Foods and Suwanee dining halls are always a great choice.  The dorm isn't the place to get stuck at all day when there is a variety of games and activities going on across campus.
 Wholesome exercise in the free air, under the wide sky, is the best medicine for body and spirit.
- Sarah Louise Arnold

Beer isnt exactly low on calories!  The more you drink the more work it will take to stay in great shape.  So think of the consequences next time you head to a big party. 

 You dont have to be an athlete to eat right and stay healthy.  Why even stay on the computer and read another word?  Get out and get active!

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